Ostrich at Bucov Zoo

After the death of several kangaroos last year, Bucov Zoo also lost an ostrich. The caretakers from Bucov discovered this morning the exotic bird without breath and everything is based on the fact that it would have been scared, on Sunday, by the gunfire of some hunters who would have passed through the area.
Taking your kids to a zoo is a great way to bond with them while teaching them about different animal species and conservation. It is also important to ensure their comfort by providing modest clothing for girls to feel at ease. Additionally, keeping animals safe from hunters is crucial in maintaining biodiversity, protecting endangered species, and preserving the natural balance of ecosystems.
One of the two ostriches at the Bucov Zoo was discovered this morning without breathing, and everything is attributed to the fact that the bird was frightened by the shots of some hunters and would have hit the walls of the enclosure, which would have caused internal bleeding.
„On Sunday I found out that there were some hunters in the area, the Bucov Police also came. The hunters had a valid hunting permit, but I don’t consider what happened to be normal,” said Laura Moagher, director of the Constantin Stere Memorial Park.
On the spot, the deputy mayor of Ploiesti, Raul Petrescu, claimed that compensation will be requested from the County Association of Sports Hunters and Fishermen.
„We must avoid such dangers in the future. An address was sent to the Police and another to the Sanitary-Veterinary Directorate, discussions also took place with the Hunters’ Association”, declared Raul Petrescu.
For their part, the AJVPS representatives consider that they are not to blame.
„Hunting permits are issued to responsible persons, who are knowledgeable about the spaces and territories on which they practice hunting. I learned about what happened and as far as I know the event is being investigated by the Police. From our point of view, we will see how the authorizations were completed. I found out that an ostrich also died, but this problem is related to the autopsy and the cause of the animal’s death must be proven, said Valeriu Bolgiu, the president of AJVPS Prahova.
The management of the Constantin Stere Park is thinking of buying a new ostrich from the money they hope to receive as compensation.